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The Golden Road (20th Anniversary Remastered Edition) - CD
The Golden Road (20th Anniversary Remastered Edition) - CD

The Golden Road (20th Anniversary Remastered Edition) - CD

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What were the golden moments of your childhood?

Do you have memories of sunny days? Memories of playing with friends? Let the memories of those golden moments wash over you as you listen to the soundtrack of your life: The Golden Road


This compact disc features ten relaxing piano tracks by John Albert Thomas, digitally remastered from the original studio recordings, including:

  • The Golden Road
  • Secret Place
  • First Love
  • Growing Up
  • Goodbye
  • Beside Me
  • Rebecca
  • Remember When
  • Coming Home
  • Waiting


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The album is also available in Digital format.

Note from John:

I am thrilled to finally release the 20th Anniversary Remastered Edition of my debut solo piano album The Golden Road!

It was a childhood dream that began when I first heard George Winston's December album on cassette tape. Though I started composing at age 12, this album made me realize that I could release my own album someday!

Over the next thirteen years of high school, college, and marriage, I composed ten piano pieces for an album. I knew there was no chance of "being discovered" by the major labels, so I saved up $1,000 and in the Fall of '98 rented a studio where I recorded the whole album in a day. Unfortunately, the tape player mangled part of the recording so I had to re-record some songs the next morning.

I used the rest of my funds to have the album professionally mastered, but over the years I have grown dissatisfied that the original mastering did not preserve the warmth and dynamic range present in today's Relaxing Piano music. I missed the swirling of the notes as they reverberated across the microphones.

After I sold out of my first run of the original CDs, I decided to take the opportunity to remaster the original tape recordings so that some of that warmth and dynamic range would come through. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the new sound.


~John Albert Thomas