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Legacy of Love Story

Eunice "Euni" Murphy, nominated by her daughter, Pat, is a remarkable woman in her 90s. As a girl, she was considered a Tomboy. She wanted to be a gym teacher but could not afford college, so she taught the neighborhood kids. Golf was her favorite sport, which she played often with her husband before he passed away. She loves people and talks to everyone. Strong in spirit, she continues to press through adversity determined to find a way, while caring for others unselfishly as she goes.

The thing that struck me most about her is the legacy of caring for her elderly parents, which she modeled for her daughter. Now, Pat is caring for her in much the same way.

This really hit home for me as I reflect on the months of caring for my own father-in-law during the last stages of Alzheimer's last year. I recall how he took care of his aging in-laws by building an addition onto his house for them, affectionately called, "Peaches Place", named for the peach trees he cut down to make room.

I am pleased to present "Legacy of Love" in honor of Eunice Murphy. As her husband used to say, "God broke the mold!" She's one of a kind.

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