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Watch this special message from John!


Welcome to the JAT Fan Community!

Welcome! I am so glad you are here.

Being able to interact with you in a personal way is a big part of how I like to run my music business. Technology has made it a lot easier to connect with fans around the world, and I welcome this opportunity!

Our mutual love for piano music and our desire for relaxation and inspiration bring us together. That's why I created a private Facebook group for JAT Fans to hang out. I'd love to have you there! We share photos, videos, and interesting, inspirational stories from country life here at "Peaches Place" on the outskirts of Memphis, TN, USA.

Click here to join us! (it's free!)

In addition, I want you to know that when you shop at The JAT Shop, it enables me to keep making music. Know that your support is actually helping to keep the independent music scene alive!

And, it's more than just music. I have teamed up with a fantastic watercolor artist, Sandi Dawn, to bring you art that is beautiful, relaxing and inspiring. These additions will help to make your home feel beautiful, restful, and a place of peace and comfort. Adding things like a decorative throw blanket, a print canvas to adorn your wall, or even notecards to send encouraging words to your loved ones. All of these and more can enhance the way you feel and soothe your soul!

I am always wanting to improve the experience on my website and my shop, so if you ever have any suggestions - either to improve things, or suggestions for new JAT items, please send them to! 

And please ENJOY the items you purchased!

Thank you again for being part of this amazing community! 

Gratefully yours, 
John Albert Thomas