Light Has Come (Christmas)

Light Has Come Story

I love the beauty and simplicity of these Christmas hymns. They are neither fluffy nor pretentious. They take me back to Christmas as a child in Upstate New York, singing through the hymnal at church with family and friends. Years later I’m picking out my favorite melodies and composing my own melodic version, each one containing little thrills that rise in my heart as I play. They are equally enjoyable, whether as background music for dinner or as worship music where I close my eyes and ponder each note and phrase.  Christmas has become so ostentatious and boisterous over the years, but this music gets to the heart of the matter. When Jesus Christ came into the world, loving us more than heaven itself, he was making a bold statement: You. Are. Priceless! The moment we embrace this humbling realization is the moment when 'the soul felt its worth'.

John Albert Thomas

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