5 Days of Relaxing Piano

"The music is graceful...soothing.
A thread of hope runs through each piece."
-Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com

Who is this guy?

John Albert Thomas - Piano Composer & Artist

Piano music to soothe your soul

From the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee, John Albert Thomas brings you relaxing piano music to soothe your soul.

John is an independent recording artist, funding his music through full-time work as an entrepreneurial business coach, as well as the generous support of fans from around the world.

Fans describe John’s music as quiet, meditative and peaceful, filled with hope and inspiration, curiosity and wonder. It is a unique, thinly-layered blend of Easy Listening, Contemporary Classical, Christian and New Age Piano genres.

His wife Becky owns Love My Town Signs, where she hand-paints signs that make people happy. Together they enjoy four kids and two Great Pyrenees dogs in their country home.