Zuzu's Petals - Digital Album

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While composing the music for my new piano CD, my little girls would dress up in their princess costumes, pull up the entry rug, and dance together on the tile floor. It was pure, it was innocent, it was fun! Listen to and visualize the scene. 

It reminded me of a scene in the famous Jimmy Stewart movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, where little Zuzu explained to her Daddy why she didn’t wear her coat in the rain–to protect her precious flower petals. To her, they were so precious that she did whatever it took to protect them from damage. Later in the movie, they became a reminder to show Daddy what was REALLY important in life. 

This album is about innocence and purity. It’s about flowers, dancing, fairy tales, and just about everything else little girls dream about. Those are Zuzu’s petals.