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My first album, The Golden Road, came out in 1999. Shortly after its release, a friend and benefactor of mine from a local radio station encouraged me to write a story for each song on the album. In a way, the stories are the lyrics to the songs. There is something unique about instrumental music, as opposed to lyrical songwriting. It allows the listener more freedom–freedom to imagine or remember the message in the light of his or her own personal experiences. For myself, I can only tell you what each piece has meant to me over the years. 

The Golden Road is a collection of piano works that I started composing in my early teens, and it follows me through high school, college and three years of marriage. I think of it as a musical journey through my childhood and the experiences of growing up. Most important, these works accompanied by growth in an understanding of God and how he relates to me. I hope that you will be encouraged as you share my music and my stories and that you, too, would come to some understanding of the intimate and personal God whom I am coming to know.