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Daddy Daughter Dance - Digital

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May I have this dance?

Love. I hope you'll excuse the cliché when I say, love makes the world go 'round. Listening to this touching album will help you remember the times you experienced love for yourself. Remember those moments. You were loved then, you are loved still.

These ten piano compositions were composed during my first years of marriage and parenting. For the album cover, my photographer friend, Michael Allen, captured this incredibly beautiful moment while we were recording a promotional video for Now I Sleep. We had just finished interviewing the Gillentine family when their oldest daughter came out wearing a beautiful dress. She and her Daddy agreed to let us take a photo of them dancing together, and it turned out to be such a precious moment between a Daddy and his little girl.

  • 10 fully-mastered songs
  • Precious moments, a little dancing, and a good night's rest!

The album is also available in CD format: Daddy Daughter Dance - CD